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Re-do Stairs?

Yet another project! I plan on re-doing or re-finishing my stairs to the basement. The steps aren't super wide, about 35 inches or so. They are painted, along with linoleum covered platform 2 stairs from the top for a doorway. so I don't think they are quite attractive furniture grade wood by any means, so I don't think it's the best idea to sand and refinish.

Watching some HGTV show they quickly redid a stairway by ripping out the stairs and risers, and installed prefinished stairs. A nice quick way to refinish a set of basement stairs.

Do you all have a line on these products, or a possible supplier?

Re: Re-do Stairs?

Take a look at www.stairsupplies.com and it might give you some ideas. They have pre-finished risers and treads and lots of other things for stairs. If you put an underlayment below the treads, make sure you put some adhesive between the finish treads and the underlayment. That way, you'll have a good solid tread and hopefully, it won't squeak!

You might want to try using finishing screws. I've used them when attaching baseboard, chair rail and other things, to metal studs and they work pretty well. I can't see why they wouldn't work on treads too. They make a very small hole, just a little bigger than a 6d finish nail and you can putty them over afterwards. Screws won't come loose over time the way nails can. Just be sure to pre-drill the treads with a small bit so you don't have any splits.

Good Luck.

Re: Re-do Stairs?

Great! Thanks for the link. I'll take a look. Do you know if you can replaces treads if there's no underlayment? Currently, I don't think there is..

Re: Re-do Stairs?

You shouldn't need any underlayment under the new treads. The treads will be 1" thick from the mill which is plenty strong. I recommend finish screws also but look for ones with a real tiny head. I have used the ones for trim to metal studs also but the head is still pretty large. Go to GRKFASTENERS.com and click on "Trim Screws". The riser can be hand nailed with finish nails or a finish nail gun.

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