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Rattling pipes at low flow demand

The pipes in my house rattle at the exterior taps and in one shower if I only turn them on a little way for low flow and stop when I open them up further.
Especially bad on outside spigots you cannot get just a little flow to water the plants it must be opened at least halfway.

The one shower is not as bad but does the same thing. Three other sinks and two other showers are fine.


Re: Rattling pipes at low flow demand

Sounds like the issue is with the cold water line(s).
Is there a pressure regulator valve ( PRV ) in the main line? Is the main shut off fully open ?

Perhaps the one shower is closest to one of the exterior taps which might explain that one rattling.

Just a thought.

Re: Rattling pipes at low flow demand

I'll check for the pressure valve as soon as I find out what one looks like.
Checked the main valve and it is open all the way. You are correct the shower that rattles is right next to the exterior faucet.

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