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Random Noise in Pipes - Not the Furnace

So, we had our heating and cooling people to the house yesterday and they said the noise is not coming from the furnace. In fact, the noise happened when the gentleman was here and he said the noise is coming from outside. He suggested that it is coming from the capital beltway project. We live by the beltway. So last night when the noise was going on all night - I took a drive to the beltway and guess what??? Nobody was out there working. So I'm starting to come back to our PRV. Any suggestions?

Re: Random Noise in Pipes - Not the Furnace

I think you can rule out the PRV.

There's no way for it to make noise unless water is running thru it, and that would not be happening all night.

Find yourself a metal rod about the size of a chopstick, and use it like a stethescope to help track down the noise. Touch one end of it to whatever you suspect as the source of the noise, and touch the other end lightly in your ear.

If the noise is being transmitted via pipes, the noise will be strong just about anywhere you test on the pipes. If it were the PRV, then the noise would be loudest there--but I doubt that will happen.

Another test: Shut off everything in the house that could make the noise; water, electric power to the furnace, gas control on WH, (turn it to "pilot"), unplug the refrigerator, and anything else that might make noise. Do you still hear the noise? If so, it must be from outside your house, possibly the neighbors if you're in a duplex. Is it being transmitted thru pipes? Use your "stethescope" to check pipes, ducts, concrete walls, anything that might transmit the noise.

You must do these things yourself, because any professionals you bring in will simply check the equipment they are familiar with, and either send you down a dead-end path or install more expensive equipment or parts.

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