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Random Noise in Pipes - Coming from below the main shut off

We have tried our best to figure out where the noise in the pipes are coming from. We have discovered that where our shut off valve - we thought the pipe went directly down in to the grown. However, we cut a little bit of the drywall and have discovered that the pipes goes straight down and then bends to the left and goes down in to the foundation of the house about 2 feet over. As if it is a backwards L. The noise is stronger at the bottom towards the floor, more towards where the pipes comes in to the house. Below the shut off valve. We had our county come and replace the meter but we still have the noise. We notice that when we use more water we hear it more. We noticed last night that the heater was fired up and then the noise started. However, the heater stopped firing but the noise kept going. I have included two pictures. One of the pipe inside the drywall and the other of the utility room. The noise is louder where I have the piece of wood on the drywall.

Re: Random Noise in Pipes - Coming from below the main shut off

It could be that the noise is not originating in the pipes of the house water system at all; the pipes may simply be a conduit for transmitting the noise. You must continue testing to eliminate various possible sources to eventually pinpoint the true source.

Does the noise continue even when no one is using any water in your house?

Are you in a duplex? Do they hear the same noise? If so, ask the neighbors to shut off all water flow in their side at the same time yours is also shut off.
Does the noise still happen? If so, noise is coming either from somewhere upstream in the water system, or from a source other than the pipes.

Another possible source would be if there were a leak in your underground service line that runs from the meter to your house. The continually running leak would make constant noise. You can test for this if the meter is located outside near your property line.

Go to the meter and shut it off and listen with your "stethescope" touching the meter itself. Does the noise stop? Turn the meter on--does the noise start? If so, it would indicate an underground leak. (Do this test with the inside main water valve in the off position during the whole time.)

Please continue posting here as you make progress so that others can learn from your experience.

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