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Random Noise in our Water pipes - UPDATE

We had a new plumber come to our house. He reduced our PSI to 52. However, we still get the noise. The plumber is suggesting that we get a new PRV, one that will allow for expansion to flow back in to the city. The PRV would be our 3rd in 7 months. Please help - nothing is fixing the problem. The noise happens mostly at night and a lot during the weekend.

Re: Random Noise in our Water pipes - UPDATE

A new PRV will not solve this problem.

What things have you tried so far to identify the problem?

Are you sure the noise is from your water pipes?

Are you sure it's not from the water heater?

I can't remember all your other posts on this, but it seems you thought at one time that the noise was from next door? And that the noise continued even when your own water supply was shut off?

Give us an update.

Re: Random Noise in our Water pipes - UPDATE

Going back over your previous posts on this, I noticed one comment where you said that the pipes connecting to the water heater get "burning hot".

This leads me to think that what you are hearing is the rumbling, thumping and hammering that happens when the tank of a gas WH gets encrusted with hard water scale. (Go to my comments to rhuffman on Jan. 16 for an explanation of why this happens.)

To test for this, shut off the gas to the WH. Don't just turn down the thermostat: turn the WH gas supply off completely. (This means you will have to re-light the pilot flame later when you turn the gas valve back on.) If the noise quits during this time, you will know that the WH is the source of the noise.

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