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Rake Moulding, HELP


I'm trying to replace missing rake moulding on my old Tudor. I can't find this stuff anywhere. It's 5 1/2'' I did find some made of synthetic materials, but it's $66 dollars for 12 feet, and I have to have it shipped here.

I found this white vinyl trim plank, and it would fit perfect. (5.5 inches)


I would need to run it on my table saw to cut the bevels into each edge. I'm thinking this is the way I'm going to go. The moulding that needs replaced is all on the second and third floor so that profile of the original moulding isn't really even visible from that high?

Another store has primed pine finger-jointed crown mould 5 1/4' wide with a similar profile as the original moulding for 22$. Would you use pine on an exterior application like this? This would be the best option if pine will hold up. I can prime, and paint it really thoroughly.

What would you do?

Any information is appreciated!!


Re: Rake Moulding, HELP

with the composite even though its pricey its definitely worth it.. no rot and doesnt need to be painted.. however it does require being fastened with stainless steel nails or trim screws.. galanized wont suffice. ive installed thousands of feet of this stuff and it looks amazing when the project is done

regarding pine.. there is absolutely no issue with using pine for the exterior, its been used for countless years. as long as it is properly primed before installing it will last... just dont use finger joint pine, use solid material.. finger joint as it's called is made up of many joints every 6" or so.. if the glue fails the piece will fall apart.. so use solid wood and prime all faces, edges and cut ends to seal it from the weather.. not doing so will cause it to rot prematurely

Re: Rake Moulding, HELP

Thank you, I really appreciate the advice!!

Re: Rake Moulding, HELP

I need more help.

I measured and the roofers must not have left the same amount of overhang as was originally there. The overhang seems to be only about 1-1/4''.

What should I do to cover this gap?

Thank you!


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