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rainy day staining

i was planning to stain a table with oil based stain tomorrow.
i had planned to do this on my porch, so the missus doesn't complain about the odor, but we are epecting rain for the weekend. the table will not be in an area to get rained on unless it's very windy (it may get a little mist), but humidity will be very high. i can rig up a tent if necessary.
should i be concerned at all?
what are my potential problems?

thank you

A. Spruce
Re: rainy day staining

Humidity should not be a problem for staining, though you will want to wait for a dry and warm day for the clear coat.

Re: rainy day staining

Absolutely, painting in the rain is a bad idea. Wait for another day.

Re: rainy day staining

High humidity and cool temperatures are not beneficial to most paints, oil or latex, and can be outright detrimental to many, especially if any beading or puddles might occur on uncured fresh paint/stain.

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