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Does anyone have any experience with RainHandlers, instead of gutters? Would appreciate any comments...

Re: RainHandlers

From the looks of RainHandlers on their website it looks like they'd only work in a down pour. If you just had a light rain it looks like it would drip down like you had no gutters at all. Not to mention that if you have a walkway within splashing distance of these gutters you and any visitors would get soaked.

That's my 2 cents...

Re: RainHandlers

I read somewhere that all that water being absorbed near the house can cause heaving problems in the winter and stress the foundation. Also, if you have clay soil, french drains are probably a good idea.

Re: RainHandlers

Hi- I too have looked into the "Rainhandlers" in the past(ten years ago) and thought that they might work. After spending the last five years installing nothing but roof drainage systems all I can say is that there has yet to be a single case where they have functioned well. Not one customer has ever wanted them installed- just removed for scrap. They may work well somewhere- I just have never come across that place.

Re: RainHandlers

In a slow rain Rainhandlers cause water to just fall off the eves and a heavier rain splatters water everywhere. The water is not diverted away from the foundation so extreme ground sloping or underground drains may be necessary.

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