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Rain Barrel- Solid Concrete Blocks?

I am in the process of building a Rain Barrel system. I watched a video on This Old House regarding Rain Barrels where it was mentioned to put the barrels on 3-solid concrete blocks. I went to Menards and they don't know what the blocks look like. I don't know what they look either. Got any ideas? When full, the 55 gal. barrels will weigh approximately 450 lbs.

Re: Rain Barrel- Solid Concrete Blocks?

This is actually as simple as it sounds. What is needed is a platform to get the barrel off the ground & high enough that #1 you can tap it at its lowest point & #2 that the water in the tank is higher than the area in the yard you want to water. For this, you can use blocks, bricks, rocks, adobe - anything that will not break under load (plastic storage crates from the dollar store are not an option) Personally, I would buy 3 8"x8"x8" & 3 16"x8"x8" cinder blocks, placing the bigger ones radiating out from a central point, like a 3-tipped star. On top, I would put the 3 smaller ones, making 16" in total height. Then I would take plywood, cut out a hole where the spigot would be on the bottom of the barrel & put the plywood on the blocks & the barrel on the plywood. I have not seen the article, but I assume the spigot will be on the underside of the barrel, not on the side, which could prevent it from draining completely.

Re: Rain Barrel- Solid Concrete Blocks?

Thank you for your advice. You are right as the hole will be located on the bottom and close to the side. I'll do what you suggest. I was wondering about the cement blocks wearing on the plastic. I like your idea and will let you know how this works out. I'll get a plumber to use a plumbers pipe tap to create a thread and then use a male threaded connector and elbow. I'll use PVC as I've read that mixing plastic and metal tends to create leaks. I like to make things complicated. I'm looking for the best way to do this so that the rain barrels last. I found a free source for my rain barrels. Thanks again for your help.

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