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Rain and Weed Control

We just moved into our house of about 3 years and the previous owner did not treat the lawn, therefore we have weeds (mainly clover). I am about to use Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control and it advises not to use if it will rain within 24 hours. However, it seems every day there is a chance of scattered thunderstorms. So how much is too much rain - can I apply in the AM and still have a quick thunderstorm later in the day - is it more to just avoid days that are clearly just rain - any advice would be appreciated

Re: Rain and Weed Control

anything more than a gentle soaking rain is too much. Heavy fast down pours from Thunder Storms would wash all of your Turfbuilder away.

I would suggest getting out there right after a morning storm as long as there's not standing water and the chance of rain over night is none.

Re: Rain and Weed Control

Yeah, you need the grass to be a bit wet anyway.
I wasn't sure that stuff worked all that well (how do you know if you use it before weeds become an issue?), until this spring, as I was using up the last of a previous year's bag, just spot tossing on the weedy patches. I noticed the lawn next door was LOADED with dandelions. Since it's been empty for the past 6 months, I figured I'd use the last bit of Scott's on a 5 foot swath along the fence next to my garden's edge.
The owner came by with a mower the next day, so I just wrote it off as a loss, until a week later when the dandelions came back with a vengeance - except for where I had tossed the Scott's!
Even now, 2 months later, the unkempt lawn next door looks horrid and weedy, except for a 5 foot wide patch of lushness next to my garden. I'm a believer now!

Dave R
Re: Rain and Weed Control

The best time to apply your Scotts plus 2 is early in the spring before the weeds have started to grow. You can go to the Scotts web site at www.scotts.com and they have a lot of resources to help you with the problems like your having even a 800 number to call for help.

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