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Rafter holders any good?

I'm having a house built in western NY. I noticed the rafters in one room being held at a beam entering toward the kitchen look strange. They look as if they are upside-down. I'm worried that they won't be strong enough to hold the weight of the roof and snow thus causing drywall cracking some years down the road.

I'm wondering if anyone here could comment on if this looks OK, or if the holder is being used improperly. I don't know. Please advise.

Two photos are attached showing the room and holders. The room is about 19' x 17' and 14' high ceiling using 5/12 pitch. 9' high ceiling entering kitchen where the header beam is.

Re: Rafter holders any good?

looks to me like it was done properly

A. Spruce
Re: Rafter holders any good?

You could check the Simpson Strong-Tie website and see what the rating and installation guide says. I would think that it needs to be secured from underneath if it's for support of the rafter. If it's a hurricane strap, then it should be more than sufficient.

Re: Rafter holders any good?

you should check with the company where you bought the trusses.

Timothy Miller
Re: Rafter holders any good?

Howdy, contact whom made the truss and ask them. Does the tie have a manufacturer stamped into it? If so they can tell you proper instillation. It amazes me what engineering does verses common sense. I would think the strapping would go on the bottom of the truss. But i'd bet that the top is strapped to counter any up lifting. Ya know you could always talk to the builder about how you were admiring the work but wonder how the truss tie works when it appears upside down?

Oh when you find out please post to share the infor...
Wow looks like it will be a wonderful structure.

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: Rafter holders any good?

I've never seen anything that provides for an LSSU being used upside down, especially on a truss.

I'd expect to have seen for example an STC in the correct orientation for bearing.

Those are scissors trusses hope they weren't trimmed or used in the wrong orientation to bearing. Where are the plans?

Re: Rafter holders any good?

Ok, thanks everyone for your input. I think most of you agree I should check with the manufacture of the truss or the detailed plans. I guess I could ask the builder to see them, but I'm not sure I'd know how to interpret them anyway. I don't know acronyms like STC and LSSU. I'm really clueless when it comes to framing.

I was really hoping someone here may have recognized the hanger in question and realized it's purpose like right or wrong. The reply from 'MLBSF' say's it looks correct. And I'm not getting the sense that it is definitely wrong, so it's probably OK, and not something that will cause a disaster later.

Thanks for your time.

Re: Rafter holders any good?

Hmmmm .... interesting .
I'd be curious what was spec'd on the drawing for those connections.
Those look like LSSU connectors ...... commonly used for rafter to ridge connections..... the orientation looks correct though.

2 cents

Re: Rafter holders any good?

Just had another look see at those pictures.

Where the sheathing stops short .... hopefully they will take measures to close those openings and air seal them .... stuffing fiberglass batts ain't going to cut it.
Otherwise I can see potential problems with snow/ice melt moisture issues in that area.

Also ... it's going to a challenge to vent that side of the roof .

Another 2 cents.

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: Rafter holders any good?

Those are a type LSSU sloped only connectors and they are upside down.

The "A" Flanges should be pointing up and the adjustable (bent)slope cut carrier should be supporting on the underside of the member being connected and bent up, not over the top chord like a strap and bent out. Scissor truss will spread for horizontal displacement and slide down as those are installed, have to fix at intersection.

Truss mfg don't do the specifications for bearing connection, that's up to the architect or design engineer who produces the plans for the structure. See the building plans.

Re: Rafter holders any good?

Thanks for responding everyone. I also sent an email to Simpson Strong-Tie. Here is their response:

Thank you for your inquiring about the installation of the LSSU hanger. The installation shown in the 2nd picture is upside down. This is not the intended installation for this hanger. This would dramatically change the amount of load carrying capacity that the hanger has. The uplift, which is rated at 160% would have to be reduced to 100% to become the new down load. The download rating (100%) could possibly be increased to become the new uplift load. The LSSU hangers can be sloped either up or down, and in your case, installing them at the bottom with an upward slope should be the right installation unless otherwise specified by the building designer.

Engineering Support Technician
Simpson Strong-Tie


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