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Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

Wow, you guys are hard on the ladies on this site.

Buildclean.org is spending a ton of money on two studies on granite countertops, plus an upcoming in home testing effort.

Sounds like someone is worried about granite countertops. They have sponsors in the stone industry and a very impressive website including a long list of studies.

Jack, I couldn't help but notice the big red "rarely" in your post. And we should not tear down houses, we should learn not to tear down information we don't like.

Nothing wrong with testing to prove or disprove this issue is there?:o


Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

That's O.K.,it took her 22 days to read it. Slow readers always need to get the last word in.:D By the way we love the ladies.

Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

by reading some of the answers, it seems that a few people do not realize that granite can trigger a responce on a radiation servay meter. the different types of granite can show different amounts of radiation coming from the stone, it depends on where it is quarried. There are some of the other things in your house that could also register on a servay meter, one is your smoke detector, the glow in the dark numbers on your wrist watch face.

If you are concerned call some one at your local Office of Emergency Management (new name for the old Civil Defence people)and see if they have the time to come out and servay your granite or if they will loan you a servay meter to do it your self, But you will STILL NEED SOMEONE TO INTERPIT THE READINGS.

Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

Hey-as with all things natural, there may be unwanted elements in the stone. My first move would be to study the source for your material. Geologists are a friendly bunch, and are usually more than willing to share information with people. If it's a larger deposit, you can bet there is information out there. I would start with local colleges and universities and work from there. If it's from the U.S., the USGS will also be a valuable resource. I'm sure other countries have something similar to our geological survey. And finally, if you're worried about any effects that previous exposure may have, talk to a pulmonologist or an environmental health specialist. Good luck!

Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

I just don’t like junk science or studies performed with a pre-decided conclusion. Radon is just about every where it comes out of the soil as well as quarried products. Perhaps they should do a study to see how much exposure you get setting in you lawn chair or attending a baseball game.

Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

If you are concerned about the granite you selected being contaminated with radon, there are radon test kits you can purchase.

The claim that there is radon in granite is a bit misleading. Preliminary findings show that some (maybe 5%) of the slabs will have too much radon. This does not mean that all slabs have it.

Check your slabs, make sure it is safe and enjoy your granite countertop.

Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

Information on Radon in counter tops. Also visit our main site for other FAQs.

Inspection for Seattle, Wa area.

Radon in counter tops is not a worry, call us for an in home test. Mention this site and get $45.00 off 48hr Radon inspection testing services.

Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

And then there is this.


A physicist says we need to test all countertops, as have most of the studies done on this subject.

Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

Joh is actually Hulligar from the National Stone Restoration alliance site. He is posting this cut and paste ignorance all over the internet, some sort of shill for the granite industry I guess.

First off, he claims that once the granite is removed from the ground, the radon dissipates. Not true at all, the radon comes from the decay of the other radioactive elemnts, down the decay chain till radium appears. When the radium decays, radon is formed in a gas form. This goes on for millions, if not billions of years, it never stops from a human time scale.

Secondly, if hulligar were to read what he cut and pasted, he would find that one of the granites studied had almost 300 times the radon emmisson than some of the other granites.

Thirdly, this "study" was a paid for article done on the MIA's request. It was not published, and Dr. Llope has spoken on some of the bad assumptions made in the conclusions. Dr. Llope also mentioned that he knows Dr. Steck, and that he does not believe that Steck was quoted properly. This study was not subjected to peer review, nor was it published, the only true mark of a respected scientific study. There was also a huge disclaimer at the end of the report, something I have never seen on a scientific study.

Really, he should be ashamed to post such a poor response. He along with the MIA is doing all they can to squash any discussion of the threat to their lively hood.

This is not good for the industry, nor is it good for consumers.

Re: Radon in Granite Countertops

And your credentials are ..... ???


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