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Radiators -pipe question

My house runs on natural gas for heat and hot water. I have several steam radiators . Some of my radiators are self bleeders. When my heat kicks on there is one radiator that I hear banging. It does not appear to be a self bleeder. I was going to bleed it but think a part is missing.

Any and all help is welcome

Re: Radiators -pipe question


I'm not familiar with the rad setup in the photos.

On one hand it looks like a 2-pipe steam rad (the pipe going back into the floor on the left would then have a steam trap).

The thin vertical pipe on the right seems to be a water supply to a convective reservoir at the top of the rad---that's my best guess.

Anytime a steam rad starts banging (water hammer), it means that steam entering the rad is hitting water condensate and you get a loud bang (known as "water hammer").

If there IS a steam trap on the left, it may be clogged with debris & inoperative.

If no one else replies here, go to www.heatinghelp.com---

click on "systems", then on "steam" & review the articles they have on steam heat----this site's founder (Holohan) has a lot of experience dealing with steam heat systems.

Then click onto the site logo at the top of the page to get back to the home page, scroll down to the middle, click onto "The Wall" & try posting your photos and commentary there.

Re: Radiators -pipe question

Thanks JacktheShack.
I'll trying posting to the other site.

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