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Radiator Valve Stuck HELP

I just bought my first house and one of my first obstacles is the radiators. I managed to remove them all so that I could strip them and paint them, however I found one valve missing the knob. Then I found out why after I purchased a cheap replacement knob and broke it. It turns out the valve is stuck. It will not open or close any further than its current state. I put just about all I had into trying to make it budge to no avail.

Then I decided I would just replace the entire valve set up, but that is stuck too. HELP.

Details: One pipe steam radiator system, likely original from 1925

Re: Radiator Valve Stuck HELP

Tricky... start with 2'pipe wrenches, be careful not to squish the pipe your not changing though. I've used 3' to get the job done also but they squish even easier. Try heating up the valve with a torch, sometimes the expansions of different metals loosens things up. Try wd 40 or something similar (not around flame). Maybe you can take the guts out of the top of the valve, loosen them up and repack it. Sometimes when changing out the whole valve , the old mated nipple on the radiator is not a great fit (thus the reason the new valve comes with a new mated nipple), if that is the case you'll need to get a radiator nipple extraction tool and hope the brass teets don't break off (talkin' strictly plumbing here), or you could call in a plumber. Good luck.


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