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Radiator Valve Removal

Need help replacing a 1 1/4" radiator valve. I first tried to loosen the valve with two wrenches, one to back up and the other on the valve turning counter clockwise. No luck. Then a plumbing supply store told to use a cheat on the wrenches or try heating the connection. No luck. Its a old house and im thinking its maybe rusted and afraid it might just break. Ive included a picture and maybe get some help. Thanks.

Re: Radiator Valve Removal

If this is a steam system (as opposed to a hot water system) the valve threads are probably rusted shut.

Have you tried to get the top of the valve (packing nut) loose so that you can rebuild the valve's packing???

Do you have access to the supply pipe below the floor---you might be able to remove a section of pipe underneath & work back to the radiator.

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