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Radiator Leak Near Valve Stem


I just had new hardwood floors installed and now one of my radiators is leaking (it could have been leaking before and I didn't notice it with the carpet). The leak is stemming from the large bolt near the valve stem. Is that something I can just tighten with a wrench? Or do I need to call in a pro? The leak is very small -- maybe a few drops an hour.


Re: Radiator Leak Near Valve Stem

Yes, the large nut around the stem is known as the packing nut---by all means, tighten it with a wrench or pliers, but not too tight, and go easy---the metal on these old fixtures is usually brittle.

Is this a steam system or forced hot water???

If the tightening works, fine---if it doesn't, you will have to drain the system of approx. a gallon of water (if it is a HW system) & remove the handle & nut & re-pack the nut with packing, which looks like thick string drenched in black graphite-like material---sold at plumbing supply houses or big box stores.

Post back if you have a problem.

Re: Radiator Leak Near Valve Stem

Thaks, NashuaTech! I'm so afraid that I'll break something that I always check before I touch anything.

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