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Radiant subfloor pex expansion noises - can I add clips post-installation?

I have installed radiant subfloor staple up with aluminum plates on my first floor that works well but is noisy whenever the zone turns on off. In the dead of winter when the zone is always on, it's quiet. but on startup or shutdown it sounds like the 4th of July with all the popping from the pex expansion changes hitting the wood as the pipes expands. In researching this, I see that the contractor should have installed plastic inserts in the joists holes to reduce the expansion noises. I am trying to determine if there's a way I can do this without hiring someone to remove all the pex runs and weaving it all over again after installing the inserts. Could these be inserted in place in the existing pex, subfloor install?

There are alot of holes in the floor joists. So that would mean a lot of drilling to install these clips. I don't want to drill out these as I don't won't bigger holes in those joists. I'm thinking I could take some fabric and insert them in the holes, wrapping the pex, as another option. For example, I could stick felt strips around the pex. it would be tedious but I could do it little by little. I would have to remove the bat insulation first that's pushed up against the aluminum plates to get to the pex. But thankfully I have a dropped ceiling.

any suggestions would be helpful. One contractor suggested ditching the radiant floor all together. He said it would kill my natural wood floors and the noise would always be a problem. But I can't afford that especially after the expense of putting it in. Plus I don' t think TOH would have articles about it, if there was a problem.

I also want to add that I have condensing boiler with outdoor reset. So the right controls were put in place to deal with radiant floor water temps.

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