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Raccoons causing damage in my house

Hi all, I live in Newmarket. I have been living here for the past 6 years. Few months before I saw a raccoon sitting on the top of the roof. At first, I didn't care much. Next day onwards, I started seeing them every day on the rooftop. I realized that there is more than one raccoon in our house. Suddenly they started causing damage in our house. I understood that they are extremely destructive. I tried to chase them away. One day I figured out the way through which they enter our house and I tried to block it. The next day they tried to tear the roof and the vent. They started causing damage to our property. I tried my best to chase them away from my house but it didn’t work. How can we chase these creatures? I don’t think I can do this anymore? 

Re: Raccoons causing damage in my house

Is there a tree that they’re using to get on your roof that you could trim / have removed? I’ve always been told that preventing them from getting on your roof should be step one, other than that I’d make sure any openings are closed (put wire over cents, etc.) and then talk to a pest person in your area...

Re: Raccoons causing damage in my house

I am newbie here. And I don't know much about this Racoon. I'm interested to know how to recover this. 

Re: Raccoons causing damage in my house

You do not want to catch it, kill the thing. They are mean and can cause you great harm and even death.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Raccoons causing damage in my house

Hello, Lisa!
Yes, it is true that they are very extremely destructive and difficult to chase them. But, raccoons will leave behind a trail of hints, which will give information about their nesting location. Keeping them away from society has become quite a difficult task to do. So, it is better to hire an animal wildlife removal expert. Last month, when my neighbour was dealing with a similar situation like this, they had immediately called up raccoon removal Nassau County company, where they had trapped and relocated this animal appropriately.

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