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How can I rid my yard of Wascal Wabbits (Rabbits)? It started with one and now there are 4 including a baby, all munching my grass. I keep shooing them away and using a garden hose but they keep returning. I do not wish to harm the wabbits.

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whatever you do decide to do....just make sure you don't stick a shotgun down their hole. the rabbits will take the barrel of the gun and bend it around so that when you pull the trigger, you'll shoot yourself in the butt.

Re: Rabbits

If you do not want to do the dirty work yourself, I recommend one of the organic, natural, rabbit repellants:
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Manual removal, dead or alive, will be the only effective removal.

Re: Rabbits

It may sound late for this year BUT I read this somewhere and thought I would try it and it worked pretty good! Go buy yourself a large package of Ivory bar soap. It has to be Ivory, the rabbits do not like the scent. I bought the regular soap, not the deoderant. Shred it finely, I just used an old type style of a cheese shredder, which you can get cheap at a dollar store. Sprinkle the soap around your plants the rabbits seem most attracted to. I put it around kinda wide like a couple inches. If it rains usually you will need to add it again and yes it can be a little soapy. And it may not be the most attractive look around your plants. But the rabbits liked to nibble on my Asiatic Lilies and this helped me to have them this year. After the lilies were pretty much done flowering for the year, I quit putting the soap out there. It did cost me a lot in soap but I did finally get to enjoy my beautiful lilies most of the spring and it was worth it to me! :)

Re: Rabbits

I've posted before that a .22 pistol is the best way,but you don't want to hurt them.
I remember my grandma used to put "dried blood" around her rose bushes. She bought this at a garden supply store. I asked her why and she told me this kept the rabbits away. I have no idea if this works or not,or how much it costs.

Re: Rabbits

They are munching on something that you mow down on a weekly basis. I don't see the issue here.

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