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Question on an older(1997) Whirlpool Refrigerator Compressor


The compressor on this fridge died - open circuit on the common and run terminals. I purchased a replacement kit from Sears as it's significantly cheaper than a new fridge and the compressor my HVAC guy said he can get. The compressor came today but I'm wondering if it's damaged. The model number is Embraco EGYS 60HLP 1/5HP. When tilting the box it came in, I could hear a knocking or tapping sound. After opening the box and removing the compressor, tilting the compressor at a neutral rate doesn't cause the tap or knock but if quickly tilt it or move it back and forth, I hear the knock. Sounds like metal contacting metal. Is this normal? I read that there are springs supporting the internal mechanism but I'm now concerned that maybe somethings off here. 

My HVAC guys is currently overseas on vacation and I have no way of contacing him to confirm. If there's something wrong with this compressor, I'd like to get a replacement before he gets back and have it ready for installation.

Also, it doesn't look like the old compressor or the replacement compressor have a start nor a run capacitor. I don't see a capacitor anywhere in the lower section of fridge where the compressor is. The compressor has the typical relay and overload on the terminals. The wires going to compressor go to the fan and then up into the upper section of fridge in the wall. I was under the impression that all compressors at least had a run capacitor. Am I wrong?

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thanks

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