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Question on Laying 5/4 x6 deck boards

Hello everyone,,

I have a question on putting down decking on free standing pool deck. What is the best way to lay down the boards on a deck that is 17'9" wide and the longest boards I can get is 16' long? what is the best way to stagger them?

Thanks for any help.


Re: Question on Laying 5/4 x6 deck boards

There are a few ways of doing it.

1. The most expensive (with the most waste), is to get 20' boards, and trim them down to 17'9". This way, it will look the nicest, w/o seams.

You said that the longest boards you can get are only 16', but I'm sure you can find longer boards if you travel a little out of your area. Call all the lumber yards around.

2. If you are concerned about, and want to minimize waste, then use 10' boards and 8' boards (trimmed to 7'9") alternatively. Just make sure you have a joist at the 10' mark and the 7'9" mark from either side.

Send photos after you finish!

Re: Question on Laying 5/4 x6 deck boards

A photo just popped up...

I see your framing, and it looks like you can add joists at the two marking points I suggested before (option 2).

Re: Question on Laying 5/4 x6 deck boards

theres 2 ways you can do it\

random pattern, just start installing planks, take your off cut from the end then use that as you starter peice for the next row. this way cuts down on waste. just remember to break up joints by 2 joist spacings, it prevents drawing the eye to several joints in a close proximatey and makes for a stronger assembly

tooth pattern: create a pattern that has 3 or 4 rows with each joint stepping back 2 joist spacings each row, then at the 4th row have the joint at the same joist as the 1st row

Re: Question on Laying 5/4 x6 deck boards

If your buying the lumber at one of the big box retailers have them order you 18 footers. You also have the option to run the decking diagonal with reduced waste. Just figure out the lengths you will need.....

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