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Question About Primer

What is the difference between primer and latex paint. If I put on a primer coat, do I always need to add a finish coat? I am painting my bathroom ceiling and used Kilz. Since the Kilz is white why do I need to paint it again.

A. Spruce
Re: Question About Primer

Primer is a base coat that seals in dust, dirt, and stains, giving the top coat a more stable base to bond to, it is not a durable finish.

Top coats are specifically designed for color and durability. They are a thicker viscosity material, so they cover better and more evenly. Being thicker viscosity material, it doesn't adhere well to unprepared surfaces.

Re: Question About Primer

What spruce said, plus: look at primer as your underwear and paint your clothes. Would you step out in your underwear only? don't think so.

Re: Question About Primer

In the rentals I did a few years back, we switched to using Kilz2 for ceilings. It did the stain-blocking and gave a slightly glossy white finish coat that endured well enough. The only issue I found was that not every batch is tinted equally so I boxed all the stuff together before application. It isn't the best finish coat but it will work fine in this application if you're not too picky- most folks never notice the difference.


Re: Question About Primer

Thanks Phil, you answered my question. This is a rental as well and I have beadboard on the ceiling which is already painted white. I have a gallon on Kilz and would like to use it up.

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