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A Question about Our Bathroom Trim

I am trying to repair the mistakes made by our "former" contractor and am hoping someone may have an idea of what I should do. Our house is a nice looking older home with the original trim, though it has been painted white, it still looks nice. We told this guy we wanted to put the trim back on....this was a total bathroom remodel.

He wasn't putting it back on and finally we told him again, we wanted it put back on. All along I said I would do the painting. This guy told me in front of my husband that he wanted me to not do any painting until he gave me the ok, he insisted, so I said, ok. Now that he is gone I have sanded this trim as he has pretty much put all kinds of dents and gouges along the sides and on top where we didn't see it. He smeared drywall compound over some of the worse places so to cover it up. He told my husband and I that he was going to cover up places on the trim with something that would harden like you would put on a car, my husband says it is like "bondo". We never really knew exactly what he was talking about, my husband said he didn't want him to put something like that on there.

Well time went by and he wasn't showing up to do the work anyway. Now here I am not sure what do about this. I bought some stuff called "plastic wood" and other than that I am kind of not sure what to do about this. I want to do it right. Any advise would be appreciated.

Re: A Question about Our Bathroom Trim

You had a really bad experience with one contractor, and now you want to finish the job yourself. Then you say you are clueless about what to do.

The only way for you to complete the job is to find another contractor who will be willing to continue. Good luck on this. This is going to be hard, because most contractors don't like to step into some other contractor's mess. Why? the pay won't be enough.

Without detailed pictures there is nothing we can recommend.

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