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Question about leaking A/C unit

Hi all,

I have a Goodman 2.5 ton central A/C system. In May of last year, we noticed that the air coming through the ducts was not cool. So, we called a service company, they came in and found that our system was low on freon, and they recommended simply recharging the system (rather than looking for the leak). At the end of August, we were back to no cooling. So, we had another company come in and perform a leak check for us. They located a leak in the "indoor coil" and provided an estimate on the repair. This is where my questions come up. First, I've now spoke with this company 3 times about the estimate and on each occasion they've given me wildly different prices (almost $1000 difference in estimates based on the 3 conversations I've had with them). Is it normal for estimates to fluctuate like this? Second, in trying to get estimates from other companies for the same job, I want to be sure that I'm referencing the right component that needs fixing. Is the "indoor coil" actually the evaporator coil? Or is there some other component that's generally referred to as the "indoor coil."

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, and please let me know if I can provide any additional information that might help you!


Re: Question about leaking A/C unit

Indoor coil is the same as the evaporator coil. The difference in quotes could be due to the scope of the work recommended. The more expensive quote could include additional parts or maybe some upgrade to improve efficiency. There might even be some confusion and someone mistakenly quoted the outdoor coil instead which would be a lot more expensive.

Sometimes these leaks are at a joint which can be repaired without complete replacement so a phone quote from other companies might not be in your best interest. You should ask them to come out and verify the leak and if the coil actually has to be replaced. If your system isn't very old, I would suspect a joint more than the coil itself.

Also, depending on the age of your system, a complete replacement might be the route to go. It the inside coil actually started leaking, then how long will the outdoor coil last, or the compressor etc. what is the efficiency (SEER) of the old system? A complete replacement might be the most economic choice. Expect a new system to give you 12 to 15 years of trouble free operation. Add to that, any increase in efficiency that will lower your cooling bills and compare all this to the repair of the old system, and the likely hood of more frequent repairs in the coming years, and the old system just might not be worth it.

If you want some help with this decision, provide as much of the following as you can. Much of this will be on a nameplate attached to the outdoor unit, if you can find the name plate.

Model number:

Voltage and current:

Date installed:
Date of Manufacture:


Capacity in BTU's: (should be around 30,000 BTU cooling)

With the above information, some of the HVAC guys might be able to give you more realistic data on the life expectancy and frequency of repairs in the future along with estimated savings in electricity for a more efficient unit.

Re: Question about leaking A/C unit

I agree with keith...if your unit is older reconsider a replacement.
Your first mistake was to refill with gas. Don't make a second mistake. These are costly mistakes.

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