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Question about cutting backerboard

I bought a sheet of cement "Hardibacker" board. The expert in the home improvement store told me that the way to cut it was to score the board with a utility knife until the board breaks. That worked, but after numerous passes with the utility knife and not getting a straight cut, it left me wondering if there is a better way.

Can this material be cut with a table saw or perhaps a circular saw with a rip fence placed along the line where I want to cut?

Re: Question about cutting backerboard

yes it can. go to the hardware and buy a diamond blade that will fit your saw, they will cost anywhere from 15 to 30 dollars depending on the quality of the blade. for doing this I would buy the cheapest. there won't be any advantage in buying the more expensive ones for what you are going to use it for.

Re: Question about cutting backerboard

or a hand-held grinder with diamond blade, wear a mask probably with a filter, silica dust is unhealthy.

Re: Question about cutting backerboard

You can score it with a utility knife and snap the board. Two good scores then snap like drywall. Don't try to cut through. Use a metal straight edge to get a clean snap line if needed.
Too much dust with a saw.

Re: Question about cutting backerboard

I used a caribided tipped knife which worked quickly without any mess. It is sold in the tile section of most hardwear stores and is inexpensive

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