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M He Sapa
quack grass

As I cannot use Round-up, or afford to have the entire yard cut by the sod-cutter, rolled up and carted away, I am digging the d--m stuff out by hand. Anybody got a better, faster, but cheap and non-toxic alternative? I hope?! Thanks, M.

Re: quack grass

Sounds a lot like the "nut sedge" we have. I've been told that
its impossible to remove by hand since its tubers are so deep.
Short of re-doing entire lawn, not sure what else works. I do
try to keep my grass longer, hoping it may keep the nut sedge from
completely taking over. Someone told me once that its spread by
birds, dropping seeds. Don't know if its true or not.

M He Sapa
Re: quack grass

Hi! It's a year+ since I posted this: what I've done is get my doc's OK to use Roundup at the homeowner dilution (you should see me in my homemade hazmat suit), then once it is pretty well killed, I've lasagna-bedded the area and let it over-winter. This spring I pulled off the lasagna bedding (shredded paper, corrogated cardboard, straw). The paper was gone, the cardboard mostly gone, the quack grass dead and easy to dig up -- no nodes! No runners! And a lot more worms in there. The dirt is on its way to becoming soil. One more area already planted to red clover, and one area re-lasagna'd, this time with layers of dirt added in, and amendments over the summer -- I'm trying to build a little dimension into my flat lot so I get some microclimates. The quack still has to come out by hand, but the poison and smother method makes that a lot easier, even if it's slow. Best to all, M

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