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PVC to replace galvanized

I have a small '40s bungalow..I am contemplating replacing the old galvanized pipe with PVC...is there any truth to the rumor that PVC is not legal to use inside the home? Are there any other pitfalls that I should be aware of? Thanks:cool:

Re: PVC to replace galvanized

As far as I know PVC is approved for all jurisdiction, however if it were me I would replace with PEX rather than PVC.

Re: PVC to replace galvanized

your better off replacing it with copper,pex is a farly new product and pvc has just been allowed as use in the home,copper is expensive but so is replacing your ceiling and damaged god knows what else got destroyed if one of the other systems fails

Re: PVC to replace galvanized

USE COPPER! but if you are gonna go cheap you use cpvc for potable.. not regular pvc

Re: PVC to replace galvanized

pex is a farly new product and pvc has just been allowed as use in the home

Over thirty years is not new. The connection method is the important thing to dicearn in selection as well as approved material.
in my area PVC is only approved as material for water service and must be adapted to approved water distribution material within 5' of the entrance to the structure.

Pex if approved is fully underwritten and superior to copper in service longevity by 60 years for L type and superior to CPVC in temperature resilience and service longevity by 95 years. Plus it self dampens water hammer.

You will have to deal with some special regs. our area doesn't allowit within 18" of a waterheater or furnace or flue or recessed can lighting. Your area may be more regulative or looser in requirements for thermal protection.

Re: PVC to replace galvanized

i am going to throw my lot in with i.m.plummin for his advice.

By colorado rules it is 36" of copper from the water heater to supply. But in NC you can come right off the water heater.

Also, PVC is not allowed in the structure for water service(or Potable Water)(Drinking Water) due to the fact it give off carcengens. PEX is the way to go. Oversize it by 1 size: 1/2 to 3/4, 3/4 to 1", etc. CPVC is nice, but in cold climates it is brittle. PEX if run by a shade tree plumber will look like plastic spagetti, but if done right looks just as good as copper. I grew up with copper, but it is just too expensive.

Replace EVERYTHING and I mean all the way to the fixtures. I suggest Moen for the fixtures and go with a Tankless Water Heater like Takgi or Rannai. If water is really of importance to you, think about a whole house water filter. NOT a RO, just a Softner(even saltless if you want). American Standard for your Toilets and try a custom Bath/Shower/Tub.

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