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PVC for Supply water?

I am wondering if it is ok to use PVC pipe for supply water to like a kitchen sink or bathroom sink? Also, in a couple instances, this pipe is going to be running through floor joists that are sitting just a few inches above the dirt. You can't really call it a crawl space because there is no space to get in there. What would be the best way to go about insulating these pipes?


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Re: PVC for Supply water?

Using PVC is fine for water supply. Insulating the pipes would be a good idea. Should the need ever arise to drain the system, as in the case of a hard freeze, it would be a good idea to run the pipes with that in mind.

Re: PVC for Supply water?

You can do what you want but I certainly wouldn't.

Re: PVC for Supply water?

Water lines should be run inside the home otherwise you asking for trouble.

Re: PVC for Supply water?

Hello, PVC is okay, we used it years ago and some still do today. Best thing today is PEX or similar plastic tubing. Can be purchase at building supplies and is not too spendy and easy to use and will last for very long time. We use this for interior H&C lines, exterior and in floor heating. insulate pipe with foam "armaflex" to help. This new PEX or similar can tolorate expansion and contraction much greater than any other pvc tubing.Research "PEX" tubing. Hope this helps. ;)GregC

Re: PVC for Supply water?

PVC is ok for cold water pipes, but most places require you to use CPVC for hot water. You can use CPVC for both if you want.

PEX is good too if you have the tools, roughly $100 for each size pipe you use, but most of the time, you only need the half inch size.

Since you are running the pipe through the joists, you can insulate them by putting regular insulation at the bottom of the joists, that will insulate the floors as well. Put insulation all around the perimeter of your floor system.

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