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PVC and water heaters

The cold water pipe busted on the top of my water heater. The end of its threads are now stuck into the top of my water heater. How do I get it out so that I can connect a new PVC pipe into the water heater? It's not budging...

Re: PVC and water heaters

Well, I got it out, finally. I pried it out by using a large flathead screwdriver and a hammer.
But now I'm having trouble purchasing replacements to fit!!! The threads inside the top of the water heater keep stripping the threads on the replacement parts! Grrr...
Another trip to another hardware store today (I've been to one twice and another one once already)... *sigh*

Re: PVC and water heaters

hi,you need to purchase a 3/4 pipe tap to clean out the threads,as long as you didnt damage the threads tooo bad,or you can try a 3/4 brass nipple with a 3/4 pvc female adapter on top of that

Re: PVC and water heaters

by code in colorado you should have atleast 36" of copper from the water heater. that way the pvc is not liable to averheat and fail. there should be a check valve on the cold water, but not always. Process of elimination. Good luck.

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