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PV solar inverter high frequency noise

Does anyone have a solution to get rid of the high frequency noise that the PV solar inverter creates?

I can hear the low hum noise from the inverter as well as the fan, but the high frequency noise is a huge problem.

I have a Sunnyboy 3000 inverter. The manufacture, as well as the installers of the inverter, has no solution to this issue. ;(

We are considering the following:
1) blocking and or absorbing materials
does anyone have suggestions of what materials to use?
2) filter the high frequency, but how?
3) counter frequency, but how?

Attending rock concerts is not a solution. ;)

Thank you in advance for all and any solutions.

Re: PV solar inverter high frequency noise

Geez ..... the manufacturer should be able to come up with an answer.
If this is an Pusle Width Modulated ( PWM ) modified wave type it sounds ( excuse the pun :) ) like the switch frequency is around ~ 20khz or lower ..... they may have an issue with their low pass filter design being too high ....... an issue with the transformer harmonic ringing........... type of oscillator used ...... which may explain why you hear it.

Or there's an issue of the cable inductance.

Or perhaps the inverter is too small for the application

Or ..............

Just a guess.

Either way .... the manufacturer should step up with an answer.

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