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Putting in posts for fencing

I need to drill some holes so that I can put in some posts for fencing, however the holes will need to be drilled into a concrete base. Is there anything I can do to minise the risk of it cracking? Whilst I want to put some fencing / a screen up, I really don't want the risk of a big unsightly crack appearing!

Thanks in advance.

Re: Putting in posts for fencing

You use a hammer drill with a masonry bit. Are you drilling into a concrete slab?

Re: Putting in posts for fencing

how are you planning on anchoring the posts. typically with most fences the post should be in the ground at least 3' then the hole filled with concrete, as the fence will act as a large sail. youll need the concrete to act as a counterweight so it doesnt tip over.

ive seen fences tip over a few times and had to fix them. either the original builder didnt set the posts in the ground deep enough or they were lazy and used "posts spikes" which are junk

Re: Putting in posts for fencing

To get through the concrete you'll do well with a diamond core drill that uses water. Think of a large, wheeled drill press. You rent these at most rental places. Drill a hole larger than you need for the poles so that your measurements can be a little off.

Drive the poles at least 2 feet (3 would be nice) into the soil for a 6 foot fence. Order a pipe at least a foot longer than you need, and cut off the part you bend when driving the pole in.

The other option is to drill a hole with the diamnond drill that is large enough to fit in the smallest earth auger you can rent. You'll need some large sized men to operate the earth auger.

The pole thickness is important. As said above, your making a sail to catch the wind. A thin walled pipe will bend in a decent breeze.

Re: Putting in posts for fencing

Great, thanks for the info guys!

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