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Putting Ceramic Towel Bar Bracket Back in its Spot

I love TOH, but often feel These Houses aren't very Old or have been rebuilt to a George Jetson fantasy. Mine (1900 working class Boston) for instance has plaster, not drywall, and the towel bar brackets are straight ceramic, no clever screws anywhere. One bracket fell off the wall recently and I want to know how to replace it so it won't fall off again until we can remodel, maybe in 2050. Do I buy all the specialized tools and gallons of supplies shown in your videos? Do I just use some epoxy or white Gorilla Glue to stick it to the wall and pretend some latex caulking is grout? I also have a cracked tile next to the opening for the towel bar and need to keep it in place. Can I use clear silicone (?)caulking to help seal those cracks and help rejoin the tile to itself (the tile is partially free from the wall)? I want to prevent water entering thru those cracks.
Thanks for any help.

Re: Putting Ceramic Towel Bar Bracket Back in its Spot

Thanks for your reply. I find it hard to navigate this site. Haven't come across any articles on the site about this except for some that talk about mounting towel bars that involve screws. If you can tell me a way to get to the articles you have in mind, I would be really happy! Does Weldwood ceramic tile mix-- premixed in about a quart container-- count as a type of thinset (not mastic) ?


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