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putting beadboard panel over plastic tiles

I have old plastic tiles in my downstairs half bath. They've been painted over and some are missing. I thought I might be able to remove them and cover the lower wall with beadboard paneling but when I started to remove the tiles, the incredibly thick and hard glue remained stuck to the plaster. Can I put up beadboard over the tiles? Should I take off the tiles and put the beadboard paneling over the adhesive? Or is there a way to remove the adhesive and then put up the beadboard directly onto the plaster wall? I'm afraid it won't lie flat if I don't remove the thick glue but trying to remove the thick adhesive seems like it will destroy the walls.

Re: putting beadboard panel over plastic tiles

You have a couple of options as I see it.

The first is to take off all the tile and then use some furring strips to raise the surface of the wall out away from the hardened glue. You'd still have to scrape the glue off, where the furring will attach to the wall.

The downside to this is that you'll still have to cover the furring strips before you put up the bead board, just so you'll have something flat and smooth to nail the bead board to. I don't know what type bead board you're going to use, panels or actual single bead boards but the same is true. You've got to have something smooth and solid to attach them to. Furring and covering them will raise other problems though with door jambs and windows and the new thickness of the walls. Might be a little challenging.

The other option is to go the hard route and remove the tile and scrape all the glue off the wall to get a flat substrate to attach the beadboard to. It'll be a little work but might be the best in the long run.

The last alternative is to leave the tile and use liquid nails or something like it and just glue the beadboard over the top of the tile. I don't know how smooth your tile is, with some missing ones but you could make that assessment yourself. It would probably be the easiest way but if you need to tack certain pieces of the beadboard to the wall until the glue sets (overnight), you might have trouble. You'd have to make some sort of a board to jam the board against the surface of the tile.

Good Luck.

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