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Putting 4x8 sheets of tileboard up

I am considering putting up 4'x8' solid tile board above my 1"x1"tiles, tiled around the bathroom, approximately 6'x5'. Question, has anyone encountered this and steps followed. Thank you in advance.

Re: Putting 4x8 sheets of tileboard up

As for the consideration of using it, I am personally against it since it usually makes the room scream "budget renovation" and can also absorb water easily and deteriorate if not installed properly. Also, it would be best to make sure the existing wall or tile that you plan on covering is in good condition. If tiles are falling out or plaster is crumbling, the panel will not stick properly, you may even wind up with horrible bulges if pieces fall off behind the panel after it is installed.

If you're asking how to install tile board it's usually best to look up instructions from the manufacturer. In more generic terms it's usually and simple as using silicone caulking to adhere it to the existing wall use silicone on the seams as well. There are usually trim pieces that can help produce a finished look where 2 pieces join and come to a corner or edge which should also be sealed with silicone.

Re: Putting 4x8 sheets of tileboard up

I considered this once (on new construction) not over the top of existing tile. I wouldn't do it over the top simply because you're losing cubic space but also for the reasons the other poster just mentioned. It doesn't take anything to tear out existing tile. I've done it while saving the board behind it just using a multi tool with a flat blade and a little patience.

So, when I looked into it the price was about the same as regular tile. It sounds like it will save time, but it's such a messy ordeal and the instructions on the pieces I bought were so intense, I decided to just do tile again. Tile is so easy. And it looks so much better. In the end it's the same price or maybe even cheaper if you just buy the really discounted tile or even look for the used stuff at a remodel store.

Re: Putting 4x8 sheets of tileboard up

Real tiles are way more superior to 4x8 tile sheets.

Go with tiles.

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