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puting up waincotting in bath

Greetings! I have ripped off the ugly plastic tiles in the bath to replace with wainscoting. I removed the tiles but old glue of course has remained. Do I need to sand perhaps with an orbit sander to create smooth surface befor applying? Can I omit that dirty step and apply thin board for leveling purposes befor applying? Feedback would be appreciated!

Re: puting up waincotting in bath

also the adhesive will gum up the sandpaper once it heats.

Re: puting up waincotting in bath

when you say you're putting up wainscotting in the bathroom the question is...are you putting up the prefinished 4'x8', which are 1/4" to 3/8" thick, sheets cut to size and attaching them or are you using real beadboard which comes in 4"x8'x3/4" planks? if you're using the prefabricated sheets cut to size then you do want a nice smooth finish on the walls. the 4'x8' sheets have to be glued as well as nailed in place, if you nail them only, they will bulge and warp very quickly after installation and i give you a 99% guarantee on that. the 4"x8' plank beadboard is only nailed into the wall, not glued, they come in tongue and groove and if the wall has small holes and dings in it, then it doesn't matter very much how smooth the wall is just as long as nothing is protruding from the wall.

Re: puting up waincotting in bath

Since this is going in a bathroom, you might want to consider a solid vinyl beadboard, which you can find at Home Depot. I just put some up myself, and it should hold up to moisture very well. If you have uneven floors it may be a little tricky, as mine was, but it looks great once it's up.

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