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Purchasing Beadboard

Looking for advice on where to purchase beadboard. I visited Home Deport & Lowes & found virtually nothing. Any other sources - economical for this seasoned citizen do it your selfer?

Re: Purchasing Beadboard

I went through the same thing several months ago. I ended up purchasing the product at a local specialty lumber yard. These types of places are a dying breed so, depending on where you live, you might have to do a little traveling to find one. The beadboard I purchased came in 8x4 sheets that were 1/4 thick, the quality stuff. Be prepared to shell out some money. I paid a little over $50 a sheet.

I live in the Philadelphia area and my spot is Tague Lumber. You might want to dial them up and ask who manufactures the product and then call the manufacturer to get the name of closest distributor is to you.

Re: Purchasing Beadboard

I bought beadboard from Homedepot about 2 monts ago, they had it in packages. Comes in 8 ft. or 4 ft. lenghts.

Re: Purchasing Beadboard

Must be a regional thing. I bought some at Home Depot for around $10/sheet. It was primed white and came in 8ft lengths. You might ask your local HD if they can special order it for you.

If you're painting the beadboard, I sure wouldn't pay $50/sheet for it. No one will ever see the difference.

Good Luck.

A. Spruce
Re: Purchasing Beadboard

Look for a lumberyard in your area that caters to cabinet shops and woodworkers. They will have an ample supply or know where it can be found locally.

Re: Purchasing Beadboard

Beadboard...I have tons of wainscoating, the old school stuff tongue and groove planks. My entire house seemed to be built with it. Now that the remodel is more or less done I've been trying to figure out how to sell it, trade it.

Re: Purchasing Beadboard

I'm looking for some pre-panted beadboard for a very small half bath. It looks like there is such a thing out there but can't find where to buy it. Anyone have ideas?

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