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Using the Dremel for Pumpkin Carving

Anyone ever do it? Any tips/ photos of your work?

Re: Pumpkin carving!

I have been carving pumpkins for more than 20 years, it all started with the first pumpkin carving kit that I bought from Pumpkin Masters, at that time they were calling themselves Pumpkin Ltd.
Here are some pics of the pumpkins that I carved last year and a link to some of the pumpkins that I have carved over the years.
My Pumpkins

Re: Using the Dremel for Pumpkin Carving

I have used a Dremel to carve fake pumpkins (Funkins and Michael's) they work very well for cut through and shaded patterns. I have not used my dremel on any real pumpkins, although I know that there are some people that do. This link to the Pumpkin Wizard's forum may help to answer some of your questions.

Re: Using the Dremel for Pumpkin Carving
Insert Clever Handle Here wrote:

Anyone ever do it? Any tips/ photos of your work?

I used a dremel for the first time last year on my TajMahal carving. It works really well for details... but that wasn't exactly what I was hoping it would do-- I was looking for something to "remove big chunks of pumpkin". I'll probably look into the Speedball cutters or just give up the 3D carving all-together this year...

If you do use the dremel tool, I recommend wrapping it in a sandwich baggie (poking the tip out of a corner of the bag)-- it helps save time cleaning up after you carve. It gets pretty messy. =)

The TajMahal:

Other Carvings:
*2007 Halloween Display-- Side-view of the TajMahal. Also has a view of the other pumpkin I carved last year.
*Disney's White Rabbit-- This was done from a pattern I designed based on Disney's White Rabbit.
*Disney's White Rabbit-- "lights on" view.
*Wedding Pumpkin-- based on another pattern designed by me.
*3D Skull-- My first 3D carving, actually inspired by pumpkingutter.com
*3D Darkness from the movie Legend-- took me 8 hours...

Pumpkin Carving Diva
Re: Pumpkin carving!

Here is one I just finished. Still need to clean it up a bit, but you get the idea
sorry so big, couldn't figure out how to resize

Pumpkin Carving Diva
Re: Pumpkin carving!

Here is another one of my carvings. (on a fake pumpkin, using a dremel) The pattern is from Stoneykins.com
He has some awesome patterns!!! thanks Stoney!!

and one I did a couple years ago at my sisters pumpkin carving party (on the 20th year anniversary) This one is done on a real pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving Diva
Re: Pumpkin carving!

One more..yes I am a pumpkin carving fool!!
This one on a fake pumpkin, using a dremel

Re: Pumpkin carving!

Just the crop from this year

Previous years

2008- Pumpkins

Used wood carving tools this year. Actually worked REALLY well!

Re: Pumpkin carving!
jv17 wrote:

those are nice pictures do you have more?

Hey JV !

I have a full Gallery of Carvings on my website:


Check em out - Some great Carvers did some Fine Work this year.


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