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Pump in basement

My girlfriend house has a pump in the basement. The floor is completely finished and the pump is located next to a wall and it has a pipe that is cemented into the floor. The outlet of this pump is plumbed up and out to a faucet. The only time this pump runs is when we open the faucet. Is this a sump pump, and if it is when do we need to run it ?

Re: Pump in basement

This might be a booster pump to provide extra pressure to the faucet. Is it an outdoor faucet? Perhaps the normal pressure wasn't enough to adequately run a sprinkler, so the booster pump was installed.

Another possibility is that is an irrigation pump and the pipe going into the floor is a well point. It may also have been installed to lower the water level under the floor to keep it from flooding.

Here's a test: find the main valve for water coming into the house and shut it off. Then open that faucet. If you still get water out, then it's not a booster pump and is probably an irrigation pump.

Re: Pump in basement

One thing it isn't a sump pump. Usually when you come across a sump pump it would be inside a sump pit which collects water from the drain system around the foundation. The pump would remove the water once it reaches a certain level.

Re: Pump in basement

My guess would be a cistern pump. Common in older homes, they use to use stored rainwater from the cisterns to do laundry.

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