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pruning locus trees

What is the proper way to prun a locus tree? Everytime I cut back a limb, that limb turns brown and dies. This tree is around 40 years old and the limbs lower on the trunk needs trimming.

Please help!

Re: pruning locus trees

Try cutting the branches off back at the limb they are attached to. Black locust tree have a tendency to drop a lot of branches. They just die & fall off in storms.
My thornless honey locust doesn't have that ptoblem.

Re: pruning locus trees

Gotta dissagree with leaving so much if the limb sticking out. Generally it is best to trim a limb at the collar where it is attached to the larger limb. This is where the branch is flairing. Studies have shown the tree heals over best when cut at this location.
Cutting flush is not good as noted. Leaving to much hanging out tends to attract insect & fungus. Never use the black tarry limb dressing. It also tends to cause rot & can prevent the tree from healing over the wound.

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