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prune/undercut evergreen tree

We have two huge evergreens in our front yard. The previous homeowner pruned/undercut one of them as it was growing into the driveway. Its lower branches now sag slightly as expected.

We're thinking about undercutting our other tree but are concerned that this isn't the best method. I've also read that it's best just to cut them down.

Any advice?


Re: prune/undercut evergreen tree

Depends on the look you want to live with.

Let the missus decide. :)

Re: prune/undercut evergreen tree

I generally like the look of evergreens that grow from the ground, but if the need cutting the can be limbed up as desired. Just cut the branches to the collar next to the truck. Don't use a sealer on the cut.
If they are white pines, cut them down before they fall or break.
If they have overgrown the yard you can remove and replace if you want. Big trees aren't cheap to take down.

A. Spruce
Re: prune/undercut evergreen tree

Go ahead and cut the limbs as desired, just know that evergreen limbs won't grow back, so whatever you cut is gone for good.

Re: prune/undercut evergreen tree

This work really is too much trouble.

Re: prune/undercut evergreen tree

I don't know your point. Then rent an apartment.

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