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Protecting shallow wires

I have an odd situation and could use some advice.  I have a long, concrete block wall in my basement with 1.5” furring strips installed.  Previous owner wired outlets and put in fiberglass insulation.  I had spray foam installed and found out after that the wiring in the furring strips was never inspected.  So now I need to fix the problem by either pulling the wiring out in spite of the foam (not an easy job) and replacing with armored wire, or protecting the wiring so it will pass inspection.  Any ideas?  I’d much prefer to put some kind of protective plates in place, even though I’ll have to cover a lot of wire up and down and between studs.  

Re: Protecting shallow wires


That is super simple. Use EMT Conduit. 1/2" is more than large enough to have 4 #12 wires. You can then use metal boxes and fasten them to the block wall securely. You can heat the conduit to melt some of the foam insulation as to provide a nice bed for the conduit to lay. That is what I would do in my own house, and have done already in fact.

You did mention if the furring strips were already covered with wall board of any type. If so, then use MC cable, and use the old cable to pull in the new.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Protecting shallow wires

Thank you for the response - I appreciate it!  My wish was to leave the existing romex wiring in place if possible and simply cover it somehow.  All the wiring and plastic boxes are installed so removing and replacing would require that I remove a fair amount of the foam.  A pic is attached — keep in mind that what looks like studs are actually 2x2s fastened to a block wall.

If I can’t leave the existing wiring in place I will certainly use EMT conduit!

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