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Re: protect your knees!

easy now.. the hard thing for him will be to not lift weights, he was a high school phys ed teacher for 30 years and coached canadian university football for like 28...

its not the first time hes had knee surgery . he had it replaced back when he was in his 20's when he blew it out playing football

Re: protect your knees!

Hi jkirk! How are your knees now? I hope you recover fast. Got a friend who works as a welder and got the same knee problem as yours. That was around winter time. The doctor just gave him antibiotics and it got cured. The next winter season it came back again XD. Must be really hard for people working in the same line of work like yours. So take extra precaution. Knee pad it is!

Re: protect your knees!

the knee is fine now, i started jogging again for the first time since around 2001 or so. also realized i have a collapsed arch in that leg so i added arch supports. the only time i have any real discomfort in the knee is if im on concrete floors all day wearing boots, now i just wear sneakers

Re: protect your knees!
jkirk wrote:

the knee is fine now, now i just wear sneakers

jk take a look at these. I changed to them and feel like a new man. There a little weird feeling until you get use to them...Kinda feel like a walking rocking horse..lol....They also build up your legs


Re: protect your knees!

lol, the sneakers wayne gretzky is teh spokesman for

Re: protect your knees!

Getting old is a be-atch. I'm pretty sure the tendonitus in my elbow got started from carrying a bunch of concrete block. Other parts are wearing out too, but since nobody really cares I'll keep it to myself.

Re: protect your knees!

A guy walks into a corner deli in New York City, and asks the owner: "What do you have today?"

The owner says: "You know, the usual, I have chopped liver, I have stuffed intestine...you know, the usual..."

The guy raises his eyebrows: "I didn't mean your troubles. I ment to eat".

Re: protect your knees!


I beat up my knees for too many years and pay the price now. Now I use knee pads for all floor work. Get real good ones. They are only expensive when you buy them.

Don't forget all the other P.P.E.

Use ear muffs.

Use goggles or glasses. (like Norm said. "God only gave you one eye. And a spare."

Re: protect your knees!

Now if only the pants manufacturers would make work pants that would hold the knee pads in place without having to have them strapped so tightly.

A few years ago, when I was renovating (replacing) a bathroom in my house, my knees started giving me great pain, so I started wearing knee pads. I found them to be very uncomfortable when I stood up, they wanted to drop to my ankles. I wear Dickies for work so I sent an e-mail to Dickies with a suggestion that could integrate the knee pads to the work pants for far more comfortable wear, but whoever got the e-mail at their customer service sent it back and told me that I needed to send the suggestion to someone, somewhere, by snail mail. I was not going to spend the $.34 to help them make money, so that is their loss.

Re: protect your knees!

several work wear companies make pants that have slots for knee pads now.. dakota. skillers, blackadder, carhartt is starting to i believe


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