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Proper Way to Fix Peeling Paint above Shower

The paint right above our shower surround (stall style) has began to peel and mildew a bit and I am looking for advice on how to nip this in the bud properly.

The peeling is happening right at the point where drywall meets fiberglass surround (caulk line).

I think the initial process is:
1. Disinfect (triphosphate, dry, diluted bleach). Dry.
2. Sand the peeling paint to remove it.


3. What product do I use to relevel the wall where I sanded (that is bath/steam/moisture friendly).

4. Is there a better paint or product to prevent this in the future? I know there are mildrew blocking primers, but I'm also curious about type of paint, etc.

5. I assume silicone caulk is the product of choice to finish things up. Correct?

Thanks very much. First house. :)

Re: Proper Way to Fix Peeling Paint above Shower


You've got the general procedure down. The important thing is to kill that mildew before priming and painting. Whereas most good primers and paints have mildecides in them, you have to kill the active mildew first, otherwise it will make its way to the surface again.

The patching procedure is just like any other surface patch. The easiest to work with is common drywall compound. It sticks well and sands easily.

Generally, higher gloss paints are preferred in high moisture areas as they are more resistant to moisture. Several manufacturers have paints especially suited to kitchen/bath applications. Behr has a new Ultra Premium Plus line which is of interest as it is self-priming. A dedicated primer is not neccessary, but rather it is primed with a primary coat of the paint itself. Also, the Ultra eggshell sheen is rated for bath situations. Ultra uses the new "nano" technology which results in an extremely dense paint film which in inherently mildew resistant, although it does have a chemical mildecide added also. I have personally used this paint and was quite impressed with it.

As to caulking: The drywall above fiberglass shower units often goes bad because water is splashed up onto the top ledge where, if it is not caulded well, the water wicks up into the drywall.
I preferr to caulk this edge after the painting has been done. Silicone caulk will not accept paint in any event. Acrylic caulks may be painted over. Both silicone and acrylic caulks, such as DAP Bath Caulk, contain mildecides. I like to go up on the wall about an eighth of an inch with the caulk so that standing water on the ledge cannot come in contact with the painted drywall. Fortunately, the top ledge is high enough that the caulk bead in not visible anyhow. If you are not skilled with a caulk gun, try taping both the verticle and horizontal edges with painter's blue tape. Caulk the edge, smooth the bead with your finger, then pull the tape. Finally, dampen your finger and very gently smooth the bead one more time.

Re: Proper Way to Fix Peeling Paint above Shower

What you guys said,i think also you asked about filling spots were sheetrock gets messed up use dap brand filler or i should say i preffer it.also i was wondering if you have an exaust fan in there or not or a window,i would run fan at least 10 min after bath or shower.they arent usually too hard to install.good luck..

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