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Proper Roof Ventilation

Having a hard time finding a straight answer so maybe somebody here can help, please. I am no roofing expert, but I think I understand the basics enough to feel something isn't right here. He have a single story sunroom attached to a two story house, so it has its own separate roof. We replaced the roof this past summer, and sometime later noticed we no longer had box vents at the top of the roof. There are indeed soffits at the bottom. When we confronted the roofing company, they told us we didn't need them any longer because we removed the skylights from the roof. 


Skylights or no skylights, shouldn't we still have vents at the top so that the cold air coming it from the soffits can escape through the top vents as it warms up? I am always very concerned when it comes to possible moisture problems, so I need to know how much we should be concerned.

(We live in New York if climate affects this answer.)

Re: Proper Roof Ventilation

Roof vents are effective and if properly installed to correspond with the pitch of your roof they are not that unsightly.

Try exhaust fans to create fore and aft cross-ventilation as well.

Ensure all these new roof openings are bird and bat and critter proof.

The latter will use less electricity than Aircon but their ambient noise may take some getting used to.

You might also try foam-spray insulation and or even painting the roof silver.

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