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Proper painting of v-groove board ceiling

Did a bare wall remodel on our 1930's home sunroom, with modern windows, insulation, and lighting. Went fine but now have a painting dilemma.

The ceiling is solid board,tongue and V-groove. The room also has crown molding. (I primed both sides of the ceiling boards before I installed them).

Along the long edge where the ceiling meets the crown molding, its a smooth joint, and it caulks and primed well.

I can't figure out what the right way is to finish the "across" joints, where you see all the little "V's" at the edge of the crown molding. It looks weird with them open. But how would you get a clean edge if you tried to fill all those with caulk?

What is the "right way" to finish this from a pro painter's point of view? Are the little V's suppose to somehow be filled with caulk, or what?

Thanks !

Re: Proper painting of v-groove board ceiling


Were they mine, I don't thing I would fill the little "v" gaps at all. However, if you want to fill them, fill the gap up with an elastomeric caulk such as DAP 230. Somewhat overfill the gap and then smooth it out with the corner edge of your putty knife to leave a nice flat surface. If you are going to paint over the caulk (it might look fine with just the white caulk) make sure that you let it dry thoroughly first. If you paint it too soon, you will probably get hairline cracks in the paint.

Re: Proper painting of v-groove board ceiling

many thanks for the reply...

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