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Project expansion

On this nice labor day weekend, I managed to take a $4, 20 minute repair into a $400, 2 day project. I started off to repair a broken handle in the toilet.

I went to big orange cube to get a handle, but I turned down the bath isle instead of the plumbing isle. It became very clear all of a sudden just how inadequate my present toilet was compared to the super flushing, elongated, chair height thrones available today. Oh well, swapping a toilet isn't that hard. There goes the first $300+.

The old toilet comes out and guess what, it only had a 10" rough in. It needs a 12". I checked under the house and found that a joist was right in the way. While I had the old toilet out, realized that the wall was molded where the tank touched it and it had been cut out in places for clearance. Sheetrock compound and painting became part of the project as was getting an offset toilet flange.

While the sheetrock compound was drying, I cut out the floor and trimmed the top of the joist for clearance. The new flange would not go into the old pipe. I tried cleaning and a little sanding, bit it just wasn't going to happen. I got an old piece of left over 4" PVC from an earlier project and checked, the new flange went in fine. I had an old coupling left over too so under the house again to cut out a section of the old down pipe and in with the new. Then the flange went it in.

Finished the wall repairs, painted and finally got to install the new toilet. Had to go back for a new supply line, the old one is too short for the taller toilet, and some toilet shims. The old toilet didn't need shims but the new one did for some reason.

Now I need to lay down a new floor in there. Well need to is a bit strong, would like to is more like it, but the weekend is almost over and the funds are getting low, so its back to work tomorrow to get some rest.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Project expansion

don't you hate that when that happens!!!

great story everyone can relate to classic while i'm at it....and the wallet gets skinnier.

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