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Re: Procell composit decking

Try to visit this website they have long last and durable products like railings and fences http://www.weatherwisevinyl.com/index.html I purchased one of their products and I found it great easy to maintain and safe to install. ;););)

Re: Procell composit decking

Hi, We are having the same problem. I am about to call them for the third time(call them every year). They have been here twice and put a treatment on the deck that lasted a few months and then the problems reappeared. I have had it. Please let me know if you had any success with them. I refuse to allow them to get away with this. We must have gotten a bad batch because not everyone is having the problem. If it was oxidation, everyone would have a problem with it. I posted on a site called gadenweb.com. A woman said her deck is beautiful after three years. I am furious. Maybe, if we all get together, they will do something. Please let us know. Thanks.

Maureen & Dan Russell
Lavallette, New Jersey
[email protected]

Re: Procell composit decking

Anyone with any Procell/Azek decking problems, please email me. There are many of us out there and with the cost of this quality material, we should not be having the problems with it that we do have. Class action?

Re: Procell composit decking

I also have a procell deck installed in 2006 which we selected for its stain resistance. I now have many scratches from patio furniture and lots of stains from grease around the grill. There are also other stains that I have no idea where they came from or what they are. I have tried simply green (which actually left it's own mark) and various other cleaners. I am also extremely upset but have not contacted anyone as yet. I have read where the representatives have come out and applied solutions that have either lastd for a few months or made the decking worse. I am ready to buy an outdoor type of carpet to cover the area as it looks uninviting. Please let me know if there is anyone who has been succesful in getting results from Azek.

Thank you.

Re: Procell composit decking
moe231 wrote:

Anyone with any Procell/Azek decking problems, please email me. There are many of us out there and with the cost of this quality material, we should not be having the problems with it that we do have. Class action?

I am looking to see if there is a class action lawsuit working - if not I will try to institute one. I live in Stratford CT. ANYONE ELSE???

I replaced a conventional porch/deck with a beautiful deck/patio -- columns, stone work, and, sadly AZEK decking. I spent six months on the project and within a week after the decking was finished, six hours with a tarp on half of it (to protect it from other work being done) ruined it.

I am sick.

A call to AZEK yielded the curt reply "you are not supposed to cover the deck with any tarp, plastic, or rubber sheeting or mats -- IT'S SAYS SO ON OUR WEBSITE". Oh, gee, thank you for that information.

To all you folks who say the deck is faded and you can't clean it, here is what the problem is: when wet and covered for just a few hours with anything that seals off the surface from air, the expanded cells open and allow moisture into the AZEK surface. The only way to cure it (and at the same time, diminish the surface integrity of the decking) is to heat it CAREFULLY and SLOWLY with a heat gun. DON'T GET THE GUN TOO CLOSE TO THE SURFACE! Start about 8"-10" away and keep the gun moving in small circles. It takes a while.

The sun can't get it hot enough. When the temperature approaches over 200 degrees, you will see the white start to disappear as the cells open and give off the moisture.

This was demonstrated to me by the AZEK rep. He says he averages three calls A DAY for the same thing! Doesn't that tell the AZEK manufacturer that something is seriously wrong!!??? C'mon, hire some chemists and then hire some more chemists and solve the problem instead of sending your reps out there with heat guns!

In my case, six hours killed $2,000 dollars worth of deck material. (not to mention the detriment to the entire project and all my work) Using the heat gun, I got it back 95% -- but is this acceptable! NO NO NO NO NO.

AZEK is being marketed for use in a manner for which it is NOT ACCEPTABLE - NO tarps, NO welcome mats, NO grill covers, NO pool toys, NO sunscreen, NO bug spray -- these are absolutley EXPECTED AND ANTICPATED usage of decking.... AZEK should not be sold for this purpose without SERIOUS DISCLAIMERS placed on stickers applied to EVERY BOARD PURCHASED and the disclaimers should be in BOLD PRINT on every page of their brochure - NOT BURIED AWAY IN SOME FINE PRINT ON A WEBSITE!

In the meantime, folks like me and those of you who have contributed to this discussion should be reimbursed not only for the cost of the defective product, but for both removal and installation costs and THE AGGRAVATION caused by a product that IS SEVERELY FALSELY ADVERTISED.

Anyone know a good class action law firm?

Re: Procell composit decking

Well, was I surprised to find out I am not alone in having stain problems with my procell decking installed in 2008.

I had the procell installed at my house in Brewster, Massachusetts and initially loved it and thought it was well worth the extra costs ($10,000).

SURPRISE! - In 2009 a stain (reddish/brown coloring) appeared in a few spots. Was unable to eliminate with some mild cleaning solutions. Now in 2010 there are more stains in different areas of the deck. I have the Ivory coloring, so these stains are very noticeable.
I sent an e-mail to Azek a couple of weeks with no response as of today and based on what other readers experienced I'm not likely to get a response.
I certainly do not want to go thru Azeks recommended cleaning step which does not permanently eliminate the problem based on what I have read.

Has anyone been successful with taking further steps?

I certainly would be willing to pursue this further.

Re: Procell composit decking

I will add my name to the list.

Replaced a cedar deck with Azek (Procell) for the same reasons...virtuously maintenance free.

Over the past 3 years the portions of the deck in the full sun has faded more rapidly, and more than expected, but I can almost forgive that as normal usage.

I noticed an irregular brownish stain 2 years ago and could never figure out where it came from until two weeks ago when a similar stain appeared with the outline of 4-year-old flip flops in the middle of it.

Sunscreen spray. And it had an immediate (<24 hours)effect and cannot be removed as far as I know. I tried all the household removers like 409, vinegar, Windex, etc. No effect.

Clearly if it stays on for a few days the sunscreen might protect the sprayed portion very slightly from fading, but the spray is what turns the decking brown.

Has anyone come up with a solution to get the sunscreen spray brown residue off the Procell decking??

Re: Procell composit decking

the issue you folks are having is very well documented and has been reported via many contractors. there have been quite a few lawsuits and warrenty claims regarding this, part of the reason so many other companys have been slowly taking sales of decking

as for the weathertech handrail, of the vinyl handrail systems ive installed this is easily teh best designed and teh strongest system. it actually can support a fair amount of weight. a few years ago i installed a few handrails by another company (cant remember the name though its readily available at big box stores) was complete garbage, after two weeks the rails were sagging as the metal channel that goes inside the sleeve is nothing more than steel stud channel as opposed to aircraft grade aluminum which the weathertech brand uses

Re: Procell composit decking
Jmenc wrote:

I have sent an e-mail through the advice of my attorney. I am waiting to hear a reply by September 29th (the date I specified in the letter). If I hear nothing by that time, I am taking legal action.

Same problems with our Procell deck as everyone else. Has a successful lawsuit or precedent been established yet? I have just been offered $300.00 plus a cleaning. Please let me know if anyone else has been given this rediculous offer.


Re: Procell composit decking

We're also having this issue. We had an Azek (formerly Procell, I believe) deck installed less than two weeks ago. I have a Big Green Egg and had it set up on a piece of brown paper bag (to prevent scratching) and a 16" cinger block paver. This was the configuration of the egg when the sales guy came out. I specifically asked if that would be a problem. He said it wouldn't, just keep the egg a good distance from the railing (duh).

The egg was sitting on the Azek deck for only EIGHT days like this. My father brought up a table for it and we lifted the egg into it's new home. It was raining, so I didn't take a very close look at where the egg had been sitting on the paver and paper bag. The next morning, with the rain gone, the Morado Brown deck was now WHITE under where the egg had sat.

We've called our contractor and they're going to come out Tuesday to take a look.

I hit a spot of it with a hair dryer on high and rubbed at it. The white began to go away a little. I hope they can fix it.

We didn't even have this deck two weeks before this blemish happened.

Contractors should be required to hand out a "do's and don'ts" manual for the materials they're installing if they're this dang sensitive.

Edit to add: I love how their website says Azek Deck is "Impervious to moisture and insects". Is there a new definition for the word "impervious" I'm unaware of?

I'd be interested in any updates on warranty (to set precedents) or legal solutions to this issue. I'm a new member, so I can't e-mail anyone to follow up just yet.


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