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Procell composit decking

We installed a Procell deck a couple of years ago. Azek Corpration has since acquired Procell and I did speak with a company rep. The first year it looked great. This is the second year and it looks faded and worn out. We have stains on the deck that look like something dripped as someone was walking across it. We also had what looked like puddling stains. The company says its environmental and that the discolored areas are due to oxidation not their product. The stains actually come from within the deck.

We are "do it yourselfers" and my husband spent countless hours installing this two tiered deck. We also bit the bullet to install this high end product because it was supposed to be maintainance free. They advertise it to simply rinse with mild soap and a hose.

Have you heard of anyone else having difficulty and can you suggest a solution?? I have pictures that I can send...


Re: Procell composit decking

We have the same problem. It was already treated once by Procell (last year)with a 3 step chemical process and they said it should be OK. It looked good for awhile (in the winter) . Now, it is worse than before. You can even see the brush strokes from the chemical that they treated it with. Also, the Atek that was used as trim is totally ruined because the chemicals came in contact with it. The deck cost us over $30,000.00. I am getting ready to contact them and I know they will say that they will come and treat it again because it has a lifetime guarantee. I shouldn't have to have it treated every year, Everyone that sees it cannot believe how bad it looks. It is stained, has a white coating on it (from what they call oxidation) and now all the brush strokes from the treatment are visible. I don't want it treated. I want my money back. If I do not get any satisfaction, I will get an attorney. We don't have that kind of money to throw away!

Re: Procell composit decking

Yes, I have the same problems with my Procell Deck. Can you please tell me what state you live in, what year the decking was installed and what color it is? Mine was installed in 2005 in Ohio and the color is Clay. I heard that there may have been a bad 'batch', and not all Procell performs like the material we have. I have also had the three step treatment and it now looks awful. I am trying to figure out the next steps to take to correct.

Re: Procell composit decking

I am from Pennsylvania and have over $10,000.00 invested in clay pro-cell decking around my pool. This deck was installed in 2006 and I have the same problems. The deck has faded to an almost white color and stains easily. I can not find anything to remove the stains. The strange thing about mine is that there are 4 boards on the deck that have not faded and look like new. Of course, now they stick out like a sore thumb. These 4 good boards sure makes me think that something went wrong with a big batch of this stuff. An Azek rep. came & took pictures in early july. He told me that he had never seen this and would get back to me with a solution. After 6 weeks of trying to get an answer, I spoke to a different rep. that says I have an oxidation problem which is not a defect in there material. He is going to send a sub-contractor to my house to chemically clean the deck at no charge to me. After reading others horror stories I am not sure if I should allow them to do it. Has anyone received a satisfactory solution to this problem?

Re: Procell composit decking

I have had the same problem with my grey Procell deck. Installed in May of 2006. I noticed the "fading" in October of last year (2007) when I was putting the deck furniture away for the winter (Connecticut). Notified the customer rep at Azek, which purchased the Procell company, about the problem and sent pictures. They claim it was oxidation as well. I am certain it faded as there was no problem where the sun didn't shine on the deck. They came in the spring of this year and washed it (didn't even need it because i just had and even the representative commented on the clenliness of the deck. They he put floor wax on the deck!!! Brite (brand name from S.E. Johnson Wax) on the deck for a solution. Of course it wore off and the deck looks worse than before and now the where ever the wax touched (risers, trim boards and bottoms of the railings) there is residue and they look awful too. They came back about 3 weeks ago and tested a spot with a heat gun. Now I have a dark square in the middle of my deck and the rest of the deck looks faded as it did before. I have spoken to them as recently as yesterday and they are being very thick. I would love to see if there are any decks in Connecticut (or nearby)installed around the time mine was to see if they are experienceing the same problem.

I don'yt mind cleaning the deck. I certainly expect to do so. But I will not apply any products annually to bring back the look on a temporary basis and simply reapply it again. I could have left my wood deck, saved the $12,000.00 and done the same.

Complete replacement of the deck is what I am after and since I, and all the people who are expereinceing this problem, paid the premium for Procell, we should expect nothing less. If this faded in 20 years or so I would certainly understand, but I noticed this in less than 16 months after it was installed.

If you are in Connecticut or the nearby area and have Procell installed around about two + years ago, I would like to either exchange pictures or see your deck personally. I am not finished with Azek yet!!!!

Re: Procell composit decking

Sounds like I am in the same boat as you folks. Grey ProCell installed in May/Jun of 2006. The deck has faded significantly as can easily be seen by looking at an area that has been covered for most of the time. That area looks as good as the day I got it.

I am trying to get some attention from Azek and have just sent them a 2nd note. There was no response to my 1st note.

As for claiming "oxidation", eh, well, you kind of expect that the deck will be out in the sunlight, don't you? You'd think a maintenance free decking product would anticipate sunlight.

Paid a fortune for the deck and chose ProCell so we wouldn't have to maintain. Was willing to fork up the extra $$ so I'd have a deck that would look great for many years. I didn't even get 2!

Obviously unhappy and not looking forward to the fight with them.

Re: Procell composit decking

I have sent an e-mail through the advice of my attorney. I am waiting to hear a reply by September 29th (the date I specified in the letter). If I hear nothing by that time, I am taking legal action.

Re: Procell composit decking

Tried again to contact Azek using their website - no answer again.

I have now called them and got a message that they'll get back to me.

We'll see.

Any thoughts here of class-action? I am sure there are more of us who paid a fortune and got the "bad batch".

Re: Procell composit decking

Very sorry to hear about the fading problem with Procell. My deck was built with Procell "brownstone", in July 07. Here we are in Oct. 08 and I noticed some of the boards that are exposed to sunlight have begun to fade. Not all seem to be affected. Reading all the posts seems like the only alternative is to take the manufacturer to court. I spent a lot of money and have convinced other people to install Procell. I'm obviously very sorry I did that! I will not let Azek come in and make it worse as it has happened to some of you. This oxidization problem they claim is just a term to hide the fact that they didn't do a good job of accelerated life tests on their product or they have had manufacturing process control problems. I bought this product because Procell claimed, no fading, among other claims...:mad:

Re: Procell composit decking

I am also a member of the Procell victims club. I installed 675 sq ft of Procell in the spring of 2007 and within one season experienced the same fading or "oxidation" as all of you. I really noticed it first when my dogs would run across the deck and their nails would "scratch" the oxidation off. I originally thought they had actually scratched into the material, but after closer investigation realized that there was no physical damage.

I contacted Azek and they were very responsive initially. They sent a local representative to my home and he took more pictures after I had already sent a bunch in along with the installation contract. The last contact I had was with Patrick Healy from Azek Building products on 20Mar09. I have sent him three emails asking for a status and have been ignored ever since.

Most recently, I noticed that if you use spray-on sun screen on or near the deck it stains. I now have foot prints and overspray all over the deck. I am tempted to spray the whole deck with sunscreen as it seems to be holding it's color. I just worry what it'll look like next year.

I also tried to power wash the deck, but it did nothing.

Very frustrated. $10K for trash.

Re: Procell composit decking

I have installed procell decking and I am sorry I did. I am experiencing the same condition with sunscreen as wswinford. I have used simple green, CLR, Comet, etc. and nothing seems to touch it. I chose this product because of it's "Maintance free" features. I live in Colorado Spring and after 3 months I noticed it begin to fade. Then to top off the fading, the first two boards out from the house begain to turn black like they were about to burst into flames. The Deck is on the south side of the house and it gets direct sun all day long. I am very unhappy with this product!!!


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