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Problems Upgrading new switches

OK...I have a 1953 cape Cod, all orignial outlets and switches.

I have purchased new wall switches, installed and am having trouble with purchasing new faceplates...They don't match the holes in the electrical junction boxes already in the wall. The distance between the superior and inferior holes in the junction box is 3 1/4 inch...asll the new switches and faceplates are 3 3/4... Am I missing something? I can attach thw switch becasue there are variable holes in them, but faceplates I can not.

Re: Problems Upgrading new switches

Can you post a picture, possibly with some notations on the picture (using some picture editing program)?

Re: Problems Upgrading new switches

I'm afraid I don't understand. The face plates are attached to the switch not the box and the spacing on the plates and the switches is standard.

Re: Problems Upgrading new switches

Yes, the spacing on the switch and the faceplate all match, but how it actually screws into the wall box is different by half an inch..........

Re: Problems Upgrading new switches

Not following here.

3 1/4" is standard center to center for screw holes on wall boxes.

Screw the device to the box.

3 3/4" is standard center to center for scre holes on decorator style cover plates. Screw the cover plate to the device after the device is installed.

Re: Problems Upgrading new switches

Not completely understanding your desription, but I get the impression that you are trying to use the same screw to fasten the plate through the switch to the box?

As pointed out previously, there are two pair of screws. One pair fastens the switch to the box using the inner holes, the second pair fastens the plate to the switch using the outer holes.

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