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Problems with standing water in gutters

When my husband and I moved from a co-op to a house we had built, needless to say gutters and downspouts was not one of our strong points. We've always noticed that the water seems to stay in our gutters, so much so that they over flow in a down pour. With the economy the way it is right now having someone come in to fix the problem is out of the question for now. We've been in the house a long time so having the people that installed the gutters is out. Is this something that we can fix on our own. We are both very handy and willing to give it a try.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Timothy Miller
Re: Problems with standing water in gutters

Howdy, i have recommended to numerous home owners to install more down spouts to drain the pooled areas. After seeing the dame problem over and over again-(20+years a field property claims adjuster). In my opinion most gutters with this problem have too long of runs between down spouts. The pooling results form the weight of water/ ice slowly bowing the gutters. One can simply cut hole in the gutter and install the down spout piping. Another issue is that debris, leaves, blocks the down spout openings again causing pooling. First check to see if the gutters are free of clogs at the downspouts.

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